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“What is the Canadian I.S. BULLET-PROOF™ Solution?”

The Canadian I.S. BULLET-PROOF™ Solution provides 100% protection from ANY permanent changes to Windows and programs.

This Solution includes protection from Viruses, faulty applications and accidental system mis-configuration as well.

     ...Some of our best referrals have come from our most skeptical clients!

“How does Canadian I.S. BULLET-PROOF Solution work?”

In plain English:

The Canadian I.S. BULLET-PROOF™ Solution replaces the Windows system communication interface which interacts directly with reads & writes to the physical hard disk.

While in "BULLET-PROOF" mode, the interface does not allow any 'permanent' writing to the System hard disk, while full read-write capabilities are enabled on the drives, such as your assigned Z: drive, and any removable media like USB drives, etc.