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About Canadian I.S. Business Services Inc.

Canadian I.S. is a group of Microsoft Certified Professionals that have been in the industry long enough to realize that it takes more than slashed prices and untrained representatives to keep a business as a dedicated and loyal customer.

We understand that your employees have better things to do than waste valuable time trying to accomplish important tasks on improperly setup or slow running machines.

We will do everything possible to make your I.S. Environment as efficient as it can be to help increase employee performance.

Computers and network systems that are inefficiently configured can mean downtime.  Let us help you save that downtime and lost revenue.  Whether you are interested in completely replacing what is in place, or upgrading your existing infrastructure, you will benefit from an on-site inspection from our dedicated and experienced technicians.

Canadian I.S. can often save you more than the cost of our service alone.

So why not contact us today?

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