Personal and Corporate Tax Planning & Preparation

Preparing personal tax returns can be complex, especially considering the changes in personal tax laws that are constantly taking place.  If prepared incorrectly, you could be missing out on tax credits or tax deductions, resulting in more tax than you should be paying.

As professional Accountants in Hamilton, we can prepare almost any type of personal tax return, including for employees, sole proprietors, investors, non-residents, and more.


Personal Tax Planning

• First and foremost, our Income Tax professionals will help, to ensure that there are no surprises.

• We can  minimize both your personal and your family's overall tax liability through the proper restructuring of income and the interpretation of the rules.

• We’ll ensure you are compliant with the latest current tax rules, and make sure your tax planning reflects the complex changing tax laws.

• We’ll save you time by guiding you or acting on your behalf with the Canada Revenue Agency on all tax matters.

• We’ll help you to avoid interest and penalties by filing your returns and instalments correctly and promptly - and develop strategic plans for current and future years.


Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance

• Well help you to  minimize your corporate-tax liability with our expert knowledge of the rules.

• We can manage complex tax issues related to GST, reorganizations and business transactions.

• File the completed set of integrated documents with the Canada Revenue Agency properly and on time;

• Sort out the wide array of business issues including bonuses, year-end, shareholder-management remuneration, and proprietorship vs. incorporation.